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is 38 years old, lives in Diepenbeek, comes from Houthalen-Helchteren and is married to Jori Liesenborgs. She is a master in physics and now a teacher of mathematics in the 5th and 6th secondary school at the Provincial School Diepenbeek.

She is affiliated with ADD (Runners Kortessem) and is trained by Gilbert Simal.

Mieke only started her career at the age of 35 .....


Mieke has ....


  • European Cross Country Championships 2019

  • European Championship 10km away 2019

  • BK 10km away 2020

  • BK 10000m slope 2020

  • BK 5000m slope 2020


on her record, she qualified in April and is going to the Olympic Games in Tokyo as an Athlete !!!!


Congratulations !


Her hobbies are KNIT.READ.RUN.REPEAT.


And now also Meter Walk for Scleroderma


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