Who are we?


Cure Scleroderma

Anja is the driving force behind Cure Scleroderma:


To draw attention to the disease, we take actions such as:


Walk For Scleroderma.

Scleroderma is an extremely rare incurable autoimmune disease that affects 3000 people in Belgium.


By organizing an annual Walking Tour and selling t-shirts, caps and support ribbons, we hope for more awareness of this disease and more resources for research.

University Hospitals Leuven


All contributions from the annual walking tour and from the sales will go entirely to the research project Scleroderma, headed by Prof. dr. Dr. Ellen De Langhe.


The idea


In 2017 I was diagnosed with System Sclerosis.



Because of red spots on my face, which I wanted to get rid of at a dermatologist, I was advised to have a blood drawn and see a rheumatologist ... no sooner said than done.



I also had for quite some time, read years, fat, red, blue, and white fingers, blaming my chemotherapy that I had to undergo in 2007 to cure my breast cancer.

But no, I have Raynaud 's Syndrome , a first symptom of Scleroderma and other additional complaints.


After all kinds of other investigations, my rheumatologist Dr. Jan Lenaerts gave the verdict .


And now?

Don't give up, I told myself !


I am still doing relatively well and I like to walk, so I decided to bring this disease more into the light by organizing a walking tour for the research project in Leuven and that's how the idea started for the rest!





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